ZomerKunstWeek (SummerArtWeek)
11 - 15 July 2022

Every afternoon from 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm for children from 6 years old

The ZomerKunstWeek of Het KunstKasteel: Learning by looking and doing.
This special week always takes place in the first week of the summer vacation. Every afternoon you learn a lot about the work of artists. You look at photos of their work, then get "under the skin" of that artist and create a work of art in that style. That is to say: a work of art as if you were Picasso or Giacometti for example. But of course there is also room for your own input.

You learn by looking and doing. It is striking that even after years, children still know and recognize the names and works of those artists.

Not only does a different artist take center stage on a daily basis, the chosen working method also varies: if you make a painting on one day, you do something different the next day: you sculpt or work with glass or wood.
Because there are always differences in work and pace, there is also time for other projects. In previous years, for example, the children worked on the “Monster Zoo”, there was a “Mini-Museum” on the program and the children made an artistic entrance arch at the entrance to the garden. All children also collaborated on a large painting.

In addition to working, there is time to take a break to have something to eat, drink and also to play. Usually it is noticeable that younger children need a little more time to play. That space is there.

The ZomerKunstWeek is for children from 5 years old. You can choose to participate for an afternoon, several afternoons or the entire week.

Exhibition on Friday afternoon
The festive opening of the exhibition of all works of art made during this week will always take place on Friday afternoon at 17:00.
All interested parents and friends are invited to this! We offer a glass of wine with some snacks to toast the young artists.

Costs: participation in one afternoon costs € 42,50

Registration via Hester Scheltens: 06-23521164 of Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

You can download the contract from the following link

Registration Zomerkunstweek 2022

The contract will then be downloaded to your computer as a Word document, where you can complete and email it.


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