I make this!


On these pages, children answer the following questions.

1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been at Het KunstKasteel?
Three years.
4. What do you like most about Het KunstKasteel?
That you can make whatever you want.
5. What do you enjoy doing most?
Making things that don't really exist.
6. Do you ever work with someone on a work of art?
Yes, because I like working together myself, because then you also have two thoughts. And then you can think of more.
7. Do you ever help other children?
Yes, because if someone cannot handle the glue gun, then I like to help them.
8. Which artwork are you most proud of?
I think: the painting for my grandmother. It was a "nature painting". My grandmother really likes that.
My grandmother showed it to everyone, because she thought it was so special that I made it for her.
9. What material do you prefer to work with?
With "glittery" things. For example glitter ribbon, small glitter shapes that you can stick on.
10. Would you like to become an artist later?
I would like it. In any case, something where I can use my imagination.

Copyright © Hester Scheltens