I make this!


On these pages, children answer the following questions.

1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?
6 years, almost 7.
3. How long have you been at Het KunstKasteel?
I think: half a year.
4. What do you like most about Het KunstKasteel?
Crafting: then you can make beautiful things. With paper, hammering, pasting and the glue gun.
Lottery tickets: you always get something when you win.
5. What do you enjoy doing most?
Tinkering. Making things. I think: bricklaying. No: hammer anyway.
6. Do you ever work with someone on a work of art?
Mees and Loef asked if I wanted to participate, but I did not want to participate. Then I suddenly decided that. So I have never worked with anyone.
7. Do you ever help other children?
I don't think so because I'm just busy enough. Of course I can do something.
8. Which artwork are you most proud of?
On my birdhouse. Then I help the birds a little. Then they don't always have to make their own house. I also added a paper nest.
9. What material do you prefer to work with?
With the glue gun and a hammer. With nails and wood. Otherwise you can't hammer!
10. Would you like to become an artist later?
I do not know. Would be a little fun. I do know an adult who is an artist. Mees' father: he makes cars.

Copyright © Hester Scheltens