I make this!

1. What's your name?
2. How old are you?
8 years.
3. How long have you been at Het KunstKasteel?
From the autumn holidays of 2016.
4. What do you like most about Het KunstKasteel?
You can use everything there is and you can make whatever you want.
5. What do you enjoy doing most?
6. Do you ever work with someone on a work of art?
No, because then you have to consult and I am bad at that.
7. Do you ever help other children?
Yes, I helped someone make a good solid clay letter.
8. Which artwork are you most proud of?
The beach that I made first, because I had such a (cake) umbrella. And because I thought the tide line worked out so beautifully.
9. What material do you prefer to work with?
The clay, because it is nice to knead.
10. Would you like to become an artist later?
Yes, because you can make up what you can make. For example: you make someone out of clay and they also make someone out of clay and then again ... and then they have a whole family.

Copyright © Hester Scheltens